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Red Lodge:
Basecamp for Adventure

Explore everything Red Lodge and our beautiful area has to offer. 

Welcome to Red Lodge

About Red Lodge

Red Lodge is a charming town full of things to do. Year round, our area offers great outdoor experiences and fun local events and activities. Whether you want to go hike during the day and dance during the night, or get some steeps and deeps in at Red Lodge Mountain, followed by masterfully crafted dinner with the family, we have it here. 

Though this town is built for tourism, you will feel like a local. Our community is inviting for all and is always wanting to share the things we love with visitors. 

Red Lodge was originally a mining town back in the late 1800's early 1900's and has developed into a destination for all types with breathtaking views and so much to do.

What To Do In The Summer?

In the summer we have all sorts of reasons to come and visit our town! If you are looking to go get adventurous we are surrounded by the beautiful Custer Gallatin National Forest. There are hiking trails for all levels, climbing walls established for rock climbing, bike paths and trails through the forests, streams, rivers and lakes that are world renowned for fishing, and vistas and ridges that will take your breath away.

For the more casual summer activities Red Lodge has wonderful walking paths around town, many parks to enjoy some summer games in the grass, 18-hole golf at Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course and the new Top Tracer Range, Frisbee Golf at Coal Miners Park, horseback ride tours, and the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is always a cool spot to see lots of Native Wildlife like Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves, Bison, and so much more up close yet safe. 

There are many other very popular attractions in our area such as the Beartooth Highway, Chief Joseph Highway, and Yellowstone National Park

What To Do In The Winter?

Winter in Red Lodge is a true wonderland! Enjoy the fresh snow fall in town as you sit and enjoy your cozy getaway but also enjoy great winter activities! 

Red Lodge Mountain's skiing is top notch. There is over 1500 acres of terrain, 7 lifts to service the mountain and a magic carpet for beginners. The Snow Sport instructors are first class and can help the first timers or help those wanting to master their favorite snow sport. The base area provides services such as food and beverage, rentals, lockers, lesson services, and a retail shop if you left something at home.

If downhill is a little too much to handle, we have a fantastic Cross Country Skiing track at the Nordic Center. This is a groomed track that is even equipped with a warming hut for the extra cold days. Rentals are available in town at Sylvan Peak Mountain Shop so you can leave your gear at home. 

If you are looking for more we also have great backcountry ski guides in the area if you want to boost the intensity of your ski trip. Beartooth Mountain Guides offers winter and summer guided adventures for all ages. This is beyond back country and includes ice climbing, snowshoeing, cross country, and more. 

Red Lodge Ice, a small community driven organization, maintains our local outdoor ice skating rink with lights for the peaceful night of ice skating or even hockey tournaments. There is a children's rink for learners, equipment available for use, fire pits to stay warm, and loaner skates.

In town the community hosts many winter themed events, concerts, and activities. To stay warm inside you can check out our local bowling alley, The Silver Strike, or see the weekly feature at the Roman Theater, Montana's oldest movie theater. 

The Beartooth Highway

The Beartooth Highway is a jaw-dropping ride up the Beartooth Mountain Range. This winding road is full of switchbacks that take up the side of the steep canyon walls to the high tundra flats full of wildflowers, glacier lakes, and wildlife. This road is a 60 mile stretch to Yellowstone, but expect a few hours to travel. There are many view points and points of interest like Vista Point and the Top of World. This road is open seasonally between Memorial Day and Mid-Late September. There is Beartooth Basin Ski Area open generally for only 6 weeks in the early summer, but it can vary based on snow pack.

It is important to note that this drive takes you to high elevations which can cause some elevation sickness and temperatures can drop much lower than here in town. It is important to check conditions and weather for your trip. It can close due to snowfall even in the middle of summer. Be prepared for your trip with extra water and layers and note there is no cell phone service for the majority of the journey.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is truly an awe-inspiring place with amazing natural phenomenons, abundant wildlife, incredible views and trails, and historic places of interest throughout. There is so much to explore and see in Yellowstone you will need some time to do so! Old Faithful, the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, the Great Prismatic Springs, and Boiling Pots are just a few attractions to see. 

Note that Yellowstone via the Beartooth Pass, Chief Joseph Highway, or thru Cody is about a 3 hour drive to get to the park. It is recommended to leave early and be ready for a long day of fun. 

Traffic can get exhausting in the park due to many sightseers in the Park from all over the world and traffic jams due to wildlife crossing. Remember to be patient and enjoy the ride, be aware of the cars around you.


Please be very aware of the wildlife and never approach the animals. These are wild animals and you are a visitor in their home. Every year, many people are injured trying to approach these animals. Keep your distance and enjoy. 


Red Lodge has great events for everyone year-round. Many local bars and eateries have live music scheduled regularly, there are numerous art walks through the year exhibiting local artists, the farmers market provides fresh local produce and crafted goods, not to mention other outdoor enthusiast events throughout the year. Some of our most popular events in Red Lodge bring people from far and wide and have become family traditions.


The 4th of July  includes many events such as Home of Champions Rodeos, Fireworks, multiple parades, and live music.


Harley Rodeo also known as Iron Horse Rodeo includes Poker Runs, motorcycle rallies all around our area, street dances, booths and shopping, more live music, and motorcycle events at the fairgrounds. 

Winter Fest is a week long event of ice sculptures, skating, parades, ski events, the torch light parade, and more! Check out a true western ski event, Ski Joring, where skiers are pulled by horseback in a jumps course.

The Red Lodge Songwriters Festival is a week long concert series of amazing national artists playing many venues in town and different music from numerous genres.

Christmas Stroll will get you ready for the holidays when Red Lodge turns up the Christmas music, closes the streets for walking, has curbside snacks and bonfires, and the stores open their doors with discounted items and tasty treats. 

The Red Lodge Cruisen' Car Show roars in with hot rods across the ages parked on main street, an early evening cruise through town, and a full morning of drag races at the fairgrounds. 

Adventure Races like the Beartooth Run, the Nitty Gritty, and Red Lodge Fun Run are scheduled all throughout the summer for the fit and fierce. The challenges vary and can be fun for the family that likes to move!

Art in the Beartooths is a wonderful exhibit of many different artists from our region, presenting their different skills and mediums. This event has auctions and catered meals. Many artists are there at the event making art to share with all.


Come explore the beautiful area! We have lush forests, lakes for fishing and swimming, rivers that wind through the canyons, and many views that will fill your heart with a wanderlust for adventure. The Beartooth Ranger District and the Beartooth Recreational Trails Association. a wealth of information about local trails for all skill levels and other outdoor activities you are dying to try.

Remember safety while in the wilderness. Don't approach wildlife. There are many types of animals that roam our neck of the woods including deer, birds, squirrel, and marmots, but also bigger wildlife like Moose, Bears, and Mountain Lions. There are many places to get bear spray in town and to educate yourself of being aware of the wildlife around us. It is also important not to feed wildlife either in town or out in the woods. This can habituate wildlife and make them incapable of surviving on their own. It can also make them dangerous to the community and themselves. 

When out in nature, remember the key phrase "Leave only Footprints, Take only Memories." This is to remind you to clean up after yourself in the woods and nature, don't leave trash or belongings. Also leave the nature as is. Let the flowers bloom and spread their pollens, leave rocks in place to keep soil secure, and don't think a baby deer is in need of help, momma deer is not far.

A great place for nature and wildlife education is the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, who's mission is to protect animals in need of help and educating the public of our impacts on wildlife and how we can coexist with our wild friends. 

Restaurants and Shops

Downtown Red Lodge has many shops, galleries, restaurants, bars, and other fun activities at the bowling alley, the museum, the oldest movie theatre in Montana, the clay center, and more. 

There is a variety of dining experiences here in town including everything from our BBQ food truck, pizza at Red Lodge Pizza Co, artisan meals at Prerogative Kitchen, Wild Table, and the One Legged Magpie, and Montana Gourmet at the Carbon County Steak House or Piccola Cucina. 

Our shops have everything you need whether a souvenir, some new equipment for your adventures, fly and tackle for the anglers, or an eclectic art from local artists, or just some new additions to your personal wardrobe collections.

Local Services

There are many local services to make your stay comfortable and provide the necessities you may require during your stay. 

The Beartooth Market IGA is a fully stocked grocery store with food, produce, general home goods, and beverages.

Family Dollar is a great stop for forgotten supplies like toothbrushes, deodorant, and general family supplies. 

Red Lodge Drug Store has a full selection of your medical supplies and a pharmacy if you need a refill or perhaps some Icy-Hot after a long day on the slopes. 

Having that ice cream craving at 2am? Town Pump is a 24 hour gas station open 365 days of the year. Whether you need a fill up for your car or your belly, it is always open. 

Carbon County Coal Wine and Spirits is for those looking to celebrate! They serve as your liquor store here in Red Lodge. Beer and Wine are available at most grocery or convenient stores, but liquor is sold here.

If something goes array and you need medical services, we have two medical facilities including St. Vincent Health Care and Beartooth Billings Clinic. Beartooth Billings Clinic also has an emergency room. 

Local Guides

If you are looking for some guidance, look no further than Beartooth Mountain Guides. They are the best of the best and ensure that your big adventure is an experience you will never forget. Having a certified guide that can teach you the ropes, take you to all the right places, and provide a safe and fun experience can make all the difference. 

There are fishing guides here in Red Lodge as well, if you are interested in learning new skills or just learning the best spots, these guys are a catch. You can connect with guides at East Rosebud Fly Shop or Grizzly Peak Outdoors has preferred guide services. 

If you looking for a true western experience check out the Horseback ride tours right here in Red Lodge at Elk River Outfitters. Take in the views of Red Lodge and Meeteetse Meadows from horseback.

Feel the rush of whitewater rafting on the Stillwater River. Take a trip with Adventure Whitewater and see beautiful scenery while getting your adrenaline pumping. 




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